Sunshine Foundation

Nathan's Garage Sale

Wednesday, June 1, 2016 - 7:00 am to Wednesday, August 31, 2016 - 3:00 am

Help Nathan Pay It Forward

When 16 year old Nathan, who lives with cerebral palsy, found out he was eligible to have his dream come true from The Sunshine Foundation of Canada, it didn’t take him long to decide what he wanted his ‘dream’ to be. 
More than anything, Nathan wanted to be able to ride a bike. Thanks to Sunshine, Nathan's dream came true when he received an adaptive bicycle that allows him to go for bike rides with his Mom and to just be a kid.
Nathan was beyond excited to receive his bike, but even more so, he became determined to ‘pay it forward’ so that kids all across Canada could have their Sunshine Dreams come true too.  
Together, Nathan and his Mom decided that the best kind of fundraiser that Nathan could actively participate in would be a garage sale with all the proceeds going to The Sunshine Foundation. Nathan put his heart and soul into it - sending out emails to let everyone know about the big day. All of their friends and family pitched in and they even had a french fry truck to serve fries and refreshments. He had hoped to raise $500, but the community really rallied and they ended up making $1,300! His smile that day was huge. He was so proud of what he had accomplished and that brought tears to his Mom’s eyes. A local community group was so inspired by Nathan’s story and his commitment to helping out other Sunshine Kids that they matched the proceeds of his garage sale, making it possible for even more kids to have their Sunshine Dreams come true.
This summer, Nathan and his Mom invite you to join them in continuing to pay it forward by hosting your very own Nathan’s Garage Sale in support of The Sunshine Foundation of Canada!
Gather your friends, family and neighbours, pick any day this summer, and organize a garage sale in your community to support The Sunshine Foundation in fulfilling dreams like Nathan’s. Not only will you be fulfilling Nathan’s dream to pay it forward, you will be raising funds to provide Sunshine Dreams to other kids across Canada.  
For more information and to register send an email to events [at] (Subject: Nathans%20Garage%20Sale)
Dates and locations will be listed below as they are shared with Sunshine: 
Download your Nathan's Garage Sale Kit: