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On iCloud 9: Gurkiran's iPad Dream

Thursday, July 14, 2016

18-year-old Gurkiran is a Sunshine Dreamer from Surrey, BC, whose dream was to have an iPad of her very own. Living with microcephaly, microgyria, and global developmental delay, an iPad for Gurkiran is much more than just a tablet. Special apps can help her to communicate more fully as her vocabulary is limited, as well as help her to continue learning now that she is it out of school.

At school, Gurkiran was able to use an iPad to communicate and play games, and at home, she has to share an iPad with her parents and her siblings. Owning something so special that she is responsible for all on her own is something she has been dreaming of and on her last day of school, her teacher presented her with her Sunshine Dream come true: a fully loaded rose coloured iPad with matching headphones and a pink protective case.

We were absolutely overwhelmed when we saw Rose (Gurkiran’s teacher) put out everything Gurkiran had received from Sunshine. Thank you so much for exceeding our expectations. We are at a loss of words for how lucky our angel is to have received, from Sunshine, not only an iPad but headphones, an itunes gift card and many more items. Everyone broke out in tears when Gurkiran was presented with the gifts. We cannot wait to set up her iPad and get her started on playing interactive games and keep learning. Since this is Gurkiran’s last year in school, this iPad will be a great way to keep her mind fresh and keep her occupied so she does not feel that she has nothing to do. We always knew how much she loved using the iPad at school and are grateful that she will be able to keep using one, now her own personal iPad, as much as she likes. Thank you Sunshine for gifting our Angel with the most amazing gift ever!

- Gurkiran’s family

 Congratulations Gurkiran on dreaming big and dreaming bold. We hope your iPad brings you countless moments of happiness for many years to come.