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Jacob Hits the Trails

Friday, September 16, 2016

Jacob Hits the Trails: Newfound Freedom and Lifelong Independence

Jacob's new wheelchairEighteen-year-old Jacob from Conception Bay, Newfoundland, absolutely LOVES camping. Despite living with cerebral palsy and a severe developmental delay, he’s never let his challenges restrict him from participating in outdoor adventures.

Camping is a big part of life for Jacob’s foster family. When he was smaller, they could carry him around on the trails and near the pond at their favourite campground. But since he’s gotten older and has grown (as teenagers tend to do), carrying him along hasn’t been possible.  It’s been a few years now since he’s been able to join his family, pointing at the trails and repeating, “Jakey go, Jakey go” whenever others leave to go exploring. After seeing two other children from his community take their all-terrain wheelchairs down the trail, Jacob became determined on making his dream to get back out there become a reality.

Earlier this summer, The Sunshine Foundation presented Jacob with a Hippcampe all-terrain wheelchair - a specialised piece of equipment that allows him to join his friends and family on the camping trails and even cool off afterwards in the pond. This new chair can go over sand, into swimming areas, through trails, and can even be adapted with skis for hiking in deep snow. “It was such a special day for Jacob! He went fishing in the pond this weekend for the first time. He absolutely loves being able take is chair into the water,” says a member of his support team.

Sunshine is so happy that your dream came true Jakey. May you have many adventurous weekends ahead of you, exploring the great outdoors and enjoying the freedom of your new chair!

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