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From London, ON to London, UK Mackenzie's Phantom of the Opera Dream Come True

Monday, October 3, 2016

This past Saturday, the date October 1st took on new meaning for fifteen-year-old Mackenzie from London, ON. It’s no longer the day that she was diagnosed with uncontrolled type 1 diabetes, causing her blood glucose levels to drop with no warning and present the risk that she could go into a diabetic coma. Instead, October 1st is now the day she was presented with her most cherished dream come true from The Sunshine Foundation of Canada.

Mackenzie thought long and hard about what her Sunshine Dream would be. As a lover of musical theatre, she set her heart on a trip for her and her family to travel to England to see her favourite show, the Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London. Mackenzie’s family will also be going to Paris to tour the Paris Opera House – the historic venue considered to be the inspiration for the tale of the Phantom of the Opera.     

As a second-year high school student, this trip will be a welcomed distraction from the everyday stresses for Mackenzie. Her medical condition has taken a toll on her and has had a major impact on all aspects of her life. Despite that, she remains optimistic and is looking forward to this chance for her family to join in on some of her favourite things and to realise a dream come true.

Mackenzie’s family chose to celebrate her Sunshine Dream Presentation publicly at their local WINNERS store. WINNERS associates went all out for the presentation, erecting a mini theater scene complete with stage and red curtain. Front line staff and Managers alike all got into the spirit by wearing decorated masks, with the Assistant Manager donning a full Phantom costume. Even Sunshine Bear got into the spirit, with a special Phantom mask and cape. Mackenzie was presented with her Sunshine Dream come true as shoppers were invited to celebrate with her, enjoying a specially made Phantom inspired cake.

WINNERS and HomeSense stores have been a national partner to The Sunshine Foundation of Canada since 1999. Since beginning their relationship WINNERS and HomeSense stores have helped raise $9.5 million dollars to fulfill the most cherished dreams of Canadian children living with severe physical disabilities or life threatening illnesses from coast to coast. “Since 1999, thanks to the overwhelming generosity of our customers, we have had the privilege to help make dreams come true for children across Canada,” said Erin O’Brien, spokesperson for WINNERS & HomeSense.  “We are honoured to partner once again this year with The Sunshine Foundation to continue to help raise awareness and funds to support such a wonderful cause.”

Thank you WINNERS and HomeSense for making Mackenzie’s Sunshine Dream presentation so special. Good luck on your adventure Mackenzie! We wish you a lifetime of dreams come true. 

You can help make dreams come true for kids more like Mackenzie across Canada.

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