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Mom - Champion of Our Dreams

Friday, May 12, 2017

Moms are often our biggest advocates. They’re the ones that light our inner flames, get us going, and encourage us to be the superheroes we always dream to be. From watching us wobble on our feet as we work hard to stand for the first time, to brushing off a scraped knee and encouraging us to keep going – they’re always there.

As we start forming our own ideas and dreams, moms are there to help guide us to a place where we can excel and feel happiest. Sometimes, that means lending a hand in helping us accomplish our little goals to realize the bigger goals are possible. Our Sunshine Dreamers love that we welcome their mom and dad on their dream experience – not only to help them see a dream fulfilled but to experience the moment together, a moment that unites the family and helps inspire more moments.   

Seeing her son’s face when he reaches his goals and celebrates the feeling of pride and excitement brings every bit of joy to the heart of James’ mom. James’ Sunshine Dream was to run the inaugural Star Wars 5K race at Disneyland. Living with cerebral palsy, James experiences challenges with recovery from his races but feels that it’s always worth the pain. "He would change nothing for the feeling he gets when he runs,” his mom tells Sunshine. “He has had challenges over the years from daily physio and to see how far he’s come, the goals he has accomplished, and his grin from ear to ear was amazing."

Having his mom by his side has helped Eric get through many serious surgeries to help improve his mobility which is challenged by spastic diplegia. His Sunshine Dream to visit LEGOLAND and Disney all in one trip gave him a sense of determination, motivation, and bravery. “He wanted to fight Darth Maul and he actually went up there with a light sabre and stood up," shared Shawna, Eric's mom. "That was so powerful and meaningful and it wasn’t a consideration five years ago – that he would be able to stand, let alone stand and battle someone from Star Wars.” His dream come true brought her so much pride and, in Eric's own words, taught him: "If you try hard at something, you will accomplish it and there's always a good thing to come out of hard work".

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