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Volunteers make dreams happen. In regions across Canada, volunteers are at the heart of Sunshine, sharing their valuable time and skills. They’re planning events, helping with local Sunshine Dreams, and engaging their communities. No matter what they’re doing, our volunteers are making a difference for Sunshine Dreamers, making it possible for Sunshine to fulfill so many dreams for kids who deserve an extra special experience.

At this time, we are no longer accepting volunteer applications.

You can still get involved by hosting a fundraiser in your own way.
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Celebrating Our Volunteers

Sunshine recognizes the dedication and commitment of one of our most vital resources – our volunteers! Read more 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have previous volunteer experience? 
No, volunteer experience is not mandatory but considered a bonus. 

How often do I have to volunteer?
It really depends on you. Think about how much time you want to devote to your volunteer experience and what will be manageable for you. It is recommended that at least 1 volunteer experience per annum be attended so volunteers stay connected. 

What is the minimum age requirement to volunteer with Sunshine?
Sunshine volunteers should be 16 years of age. Some opportunities may require volunteers to be over the age of 18 or accompanied by an adult.

How are volunteer roles assigned? 
Sunshine does it's best to assign opportunities based on your interests and your availability, as well as the needs of the organization. 

What types of volunteer opportunities are available? 

1. Events:

a) Sunshine signature events or third party events: Set-up/tear-down, selling tickets, parking, etc. 
b) DreamLift: On Plane volunteers (reserved for medical professionals only to assist children during their adventure to Disney. Please contact dreams [at]
c) Sunshine Bear: Dress up as our outgoing and friendly Sunshine Bear, or be Bear's handler

2. Office: 

a) Admin Support: Provide support at the home office including data entry, writing, research, etc.
b) Call Campaigns: Make calls to Sunshine's network of donors, volunteers or corporate partners as needed

3. Fundraising: Create your own event or host a Nathan's Garage Sale. Details at:
4. Dream Delivery: Deliver a dream to a Sunshine dream recipient
5. Community Ambassador: Assist Sunshine in recruiting new volunteers in your community

Am I able to apply my volunteering hours at Sunshine to my high school volunteering requirements?
Yes, your volunteering hours can be applied to high school requirements. Organizing a fundraising event with peers like Nathan’s Garage Sale is a great opportunity to get planning and organizing experience. 

Do I need a police check to volunteer?
Some of our volunteer roles may require a police check. The costs of this will be covered by Sunshine.

Can I volunteer with my friends and family?
Absolutely! If you would like to volunteer together for the same event, please let us know so we can do our best to place you as a group if possible. It is important to note that all of our volunteers must apply and be registered and on-boarded as a Sunshine volunteer.

Where do I find information about current volunteer opportunities?
We will post all opportunities on our website. You can also follow us on social media to keep in the know.  

When is the next Sunshine DreamLift in my area and how can I volunteer to take part?
There are 2 ways to get involved with Sunshine DreamLift. We recruit Land Crew volunteers to assist with on the ground events surrounding the program as well as On-Plane volunteers to assist with the medical needs of the children who will be on each flight. On-Plane volunteers are recruited depending on the medical needs of the children. If you are a healthcare professional, and see a DreamLift in your area, please reach out to dreams [at] for more information on volunteering for these specialized roles.

When a volunteer opportunity comes available, how do I let Sunshine know I am interested? 
You can apply for a Sunshine volunteer opportunity here.

How will I find out what is happening with Sunshine?
The Volunteer eNewsletter is sent out every other month and has information on upcoming volunteer opportunities as well as highlights success stories. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

What do I need to do if I or a group of volunteers wants to organize a fundraising event in support of Sunshine?
Fundraising events are important to Sunshine- large or small. They help to spread the word about Sunshine’s programming across Canada and raise support for more dreams! If you or a group are interested in planning your own event, please email events [at] to share your idea with us.

Our organization is interested in group volunteer opportunities, how do we go about this?
Please email volunteer [at] 

You have not answered my question. Who can I contact?
Please contact volunteer [at] Our team will gladly answer your questions.