35 years of supporting AccessAbility for Canadian kids and youth

Each year, the last week of May is observed as National AccessAbility Week in Canada. This is a week of recognizing the contributions of Canadians with disabilities, and celebrating the work of organizations, individuals and communities working towards increasing and improving accessibility for the Canadian population living with disability, removing barriers and creating a more inclusive nation.

Since 1987, The Sunshine Foundation of Canada has been supporting this movement in Canada as a national charitable organization, and changing the lives of children and youth living with severe physical disabilities. This year marks 35 years of Sunshine, delivering future-boosting dreams, inspiring and encouraging them towards independence from their physical limitations, and building a more inclusive and empowered community.

In our work towards creating a more inclusive and accessAble community, Sunshine has delivered over 8,800 dreams, each one empowering the dreamer and bringing them closer to their brighter, more accessible future.

While Lily’s new design equipment has renewed her sense of ambition and allows her to develop her animation skills, Allyah’s new laptop and accessories fuel her passion, ignite new ideas, and give her the tools to inspire grand possibilities as a future Canadian lawyer.

On the one hand, Chenoa’s new GRIT Freedom Chair enables her to discover new things, and join her friends and family on outdoor adventures. On the other, the technological upgrades in Megan’s bedroom provide her with more independence, and a secure personal space, and have led her, to feel confident that she can live on her own one day.

Lucas’ fitness and fun movement dream Oodle Swing allows everyone at his school to participate in the fun, and inspires the community to design activities in a more inclusive manner. 

We are proud to say that that Sunshine’s work is not to grant a one-time wish, but create a life-long impact in the lives of the dreamers, by providing them with an opportunity to build a more positive, fulfilling, confident and independent future for themselves!

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