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Récits de rêves

Diathi's Playground
Lundi 21 août 2017

Apportez le parc à l'arrière-cour d'un jeune rêveur

Just like many kids, Daithi loves to play at the park. He dreamed of spending all day sliding down the slides, soaring high on the swings, and climbing around on the equipment.
Dolphin Dream
Vendredi 21 juillet 2017

Pourquoi les enfants Rayons de soleil rêvent-t-ils de dauphins?

Children living with severe physical disabilities or life-threatening illnesses who dream big with Sunshine often request an interaction with dolphins.
OARA Tire Take Back 2017
Vendredi 21 avril 2017

8e OARA Tire Take Back a lancé avec un rêve devenu réalité

Unlike most kids her age, twelve-year-old Nethulya will spend her summer vacation, from school this year, in the hospital recovering from a major hip surgery that will require a three-month stay and months of extensive physiotherapy.
Ashlynn Hawaiian Countdown
Lundi 9 janvier 2017

Compte à rebours hawaïen d'Ashlynn au soleil, au sable, et aux eaux chaudes

Who doesn’t love counting down to something fun? “Five more sleeps until my Birthday!” “10 more minutes to New Year’s Eve!” 10-year old Ashlynn from Gray, Saskatchewan started her countdown at fifty-five.
Harry Potter Dream 2016
Lundi 9 janvier 2017

Détermination envoie Emma sur son rêve Harry Potter

Most children are intrigued by magic and the extraordinary wonders found in worlds of fantasy.