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Mercredi 10 avril 2019

Happy National Volunteer Week 2019

Across Canada this week, volunteers from cities and towns both big and small, and from various backgrounds and skills are being recognized for their efforts in lifting their communities.

Lifting communities is not only the theme for this year’s National Volunteer Week, but is at the core of Sunshine’s dedicated and passionate team of support.

Sunshine volunteers are especially talented in helping others feel part of their community. While helping achieve our mission, volunteers are building confidence, optimism and independence for kids and families alike.

As described by Volunteer Canada, “Volunteering can also give volunteers a lift. When we volunteer, our spirits are lifted when we have the opportunity to work with others. Our sense of purpose is lifted when we see how our efforts have helped someone else. Our confidence lifts when we gain skills and experience through volunteering, helping us get into a competitive school program or successfully find a job. What lifts your chances to achieve your goals…It’s the Volunteer Factor!”

Thank you for your continued support. 

What’s on the horizon?

In response to a recent volunteer survey (2017), Sunshine is excited to roll out our new volunteer program this year. Survey results revealed that Sunshine’s National Chapter Model was no longer effective at meeting volunteers’ individual needs. Volunteers are the heart of Sunshine – helping us grow and succeed. The goal of Sunshine’s new National Volunteer Network is to provide a close and customized relationship with each of our volunteers. This new program will be more engaging and mutually beneficial, allowing us to effectively support and recognize our volunteers on an individual basis.  

We look forward to developing strong relationships with our past, present, and future volunteers and will be unveiling more communication tools with you as the year unfolds.

Visit our Volunteer Page for upcoming volunteer opportunities in your region.