Just Like Dad

Sunshine Mom, Shelley, shares her story of what Scott’s Dream of a tandem bike means to her son and their family.
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Just Like Dad

Samedi 1 mars 2014

Scott is a pretty cool kid. He’s a resilient guy to get through everything he’s gone through – over 30 surgeries to date. He’s tenacious and has a great sense of humour. He loves life and people and wants to be just like his dad.

His dad, Chris, is an avid cyclist so biking is a pretty important part of our family. Scott even had his own seat on our family bike from when he was a baby until he was four, when he outgrew the seat. He would then just watch his dad and friends go on bike rides, but there was nothing for him.

Scott has deafblindness and cerebral palsy; so, it means that pedalling isn’t always easy for him and while he has some sight, he needs support from me or Chris to ride a bike.

Then he got the tandem bike from Sunshine. The first thing he said when he saw his bike was “mine.” It’s his bike, in his favourite colour – red. He gets to sit up front and pedal if he wants. He goes on the back trails with his dad and we all bike to the market on the weekends.

“There are so many things that he missed out on and now there’s something that he can do. He can just be a boy on his bike – just like his dad.”