Dreaming Big at WINNERS HomeSense

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WINNERS HomeSense Dreams Big

Dimanche 2 août 2015


Sunshine officially presents each Sunshine Child with their unique personal Sunshine Dream at either a private or public Dream Presentation, a celebration for the Sunshine Child, her family, friends and community.

Keegan’s family chose to share his Dream Presentation publicly during the annual Spread a Little Sunshine Campaign in support of the Sunshine Foundation of Canada at their local WINNERS and HomeSense store.

Keegan's Dream was to explore Japan and experience his favourite card game, Yu-Gi-Oh in its founding city. Every week, Keegan would visit a card shop in London to add to his knowledge and passion for Yu-Gi-Oh. His Sunshine Dream developed as he learned more about Yu-Gi-Oh culture, researching shops and activities in the world of Japanese gaming. While in Japan, Keegan and his grandmother explored some of the card shops he follows online, took a double decker bus tour, saw the live pandas at the zoo, visited Shinobazu, raced a swan boat, and saw the Sensoji Temple. His Sunshine Dream not only helped bring Japanese fantasy to reality, but brought back some amazing stories he can share with friends when he returns home. 

WINNERS and HomeSense have been a national partner to The Sunshine Foundation since 1999. For over 17 years, WINNERS and HomeSense have helped raise over $8.5 million dollars to fulfill the most cherished dreams of Canadian children living with severe disabilities or life threatening illnesses from coast to coast. 

Sunshine extends its deepest thanks to WINNERS, HomeSense and all the wonderful customers and staff who work year after year to help us make Sunshine Dreams come true for kids across Canada. On behalf of the children and families we serve, Thank You!