Sunshine Foundation

Marissa's Disney Dolphin Dream of a Lifetime

Mercredi 22 février 2017

Marissa Parks is an 11-year old girl from Dartmouth, NS, living with muscular dystrophy. Her day-to-day experience includes severe muscle weakness and pain from leg exertion and the constant reality of the toll her physical disability takes on her body. As a child living with a severe physical disability, a family vacation is something that Marissa could only ever imagine for her and her Mom as travel and special arrangement can be difficult to organize. That is until she was presented with a once-in-a-lifetime Sunshine Dream come true this February at her local WINNERS and HomeSense store. Like so many of her friends at school, Marissa will experience her first plane ride, a visit to another country, and a first ever family vacation to Walt Disney World® Resort. A special treat arranged just for Marissa will be the opportunity to become a dolphin trainer for a day at Discovery Cove in Orlando, FL, courtesy of The Sunshine Foundation of Canada.

Marissa has always been very shy and the news that she has been approved for a Sunshine Dream has already made a positive impact on her life, introducing her to new friends and boosting her self-confidence. Her newfound confidence had a chance to shine when she was interviewed by reporters from Global News Halifax (clip below) and CTV Atlantic News.