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Float for Dreams Q&A with Brennan

Vendredi 16 mars 2018

Sunshine Float for Dreams
Q&A with past Float for Dreams participant and Sunshine dream recipient Brennan

Q: Sunshine made your most cherished dream come true. Can you tell us about your Sunshine dream?
A: My dream was a trip to Walt Disney World to see all my favorite characters.

Q: What was your most favorite part of your dream?
A: Meeting Mickey Mouse and the pilot letting me go into the cockpit at the end of the flight.

Q: Why was your dream important to you?
A: I want to be an animator and voice actor one day. My dream helped me take my mind off of my health problems.

Q: Did you notice anything different in your life after your dream?
A:  It helped me try new things. 

Q: Thank you for floating with us last year at Sunshine Float for Dreams.  Did you have fun on the river with your family? What did it feel like to float down the river in a big raft?
A: Yes it was lots of fun. It was relaxing and we had fun playing the games.

Q: What was your most favourite part of the day?
A: Just chilling on the river.

Q: Did you have a favorite challenge on the water?
A: Finding the Sunshine bears.

Q: If you could invite a celebrity or super hero on your team raft, who would it be and why?
A: Nathan Lane AKA Timone form Lion King because he would make us laugh the whole time.

Q: Do you have any fun ideas for this year’s teams to decorate their rafts or dress up? 
A: Disney theme of course!

Q: Is there another game or challenge we should have on the water this year? 
A: More challenges with water guns.

Q: Do you have any advice for new teams participating in 2018? 
A: Bring a change of clothes, waterproof radio for cruising tunes.

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