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Walid's New Motto: "Never Say Never"

Jeudi 25 septembre 2014
Walid developed a love for golf at the age of eleven and would frequently play with his grandfather. However, after a surgery left Walid with a spinal cord injury, he had to give up the sport he loved.
One day while on the Internet, Walid’s mom, Debbie, came across Anthony Netto’s story. Netto is an international ambassador for challenged golf and the best wheelchair golfer in the world. Netto also invented the Paragolfer, a power wheelchair that allows the rider to golf by helping place them in a standing position. 
Walid was very inspired by Netto, and the love they shared for the sport. His dream, naturally, was to meet Netto in person.  Sunshine helped send Walid and his mom to Carlsbad, California, near San Diego, to spend a week golfing with his hero. 
Walid was able to try the Paragolfer, which allowed him to get back to the sport he loves for the first time in four years. He also golfed with Netto and received coaching on both the sport and life in general. Netto reminded Walid to “always try your hardest” and “never say never.”
Another highlight for Walid was his invitation to play a few holes on the championship course. “It was great being able to use the Paragolfer and a great feeling to be golfing again,” says Walid. He was even allowed to take the Paragolfer down to the beach, where he was able to get close to the water, collect seashells and make new friends. 
While the eighteen-year-old B.C. native doesn’t have a Paragolfer, he does have a chair that allows him to stand. Debbie wants to bring more of the Paragolfer chairs to B.C. for the members of the community to use. “The Paragolfer allows all people to participate – even those with impaired mobility,” says Debbie.

Walid Golfing with Anthony