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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Jericho learns how to sail the cruise ship on his Sunshine Dream

 “I want to go on a Disney cruise ship and be the captain of that ship and get a captain hat! And I want to meet all Disney Characters like Mickey, Cars, Frozen, and then swim with the dolphins.”

Five year old Jericho lives with a musculoskeletal medical condition in which he wears prosthetics on both legs. He heard about Sunshine through his prosthetics doctor and knew exactly what adventures he wanted to pursue. Jericho was always confronted with limitations due to his disability but with the magic of Sunshine and Disney, his dream came true.

Jericho’s Sunshine Dream was fulfilled with a Disney Cruise through the Bahamas. Sunshine ensured his list of dream activities was met beyond his expectations, including the surprise opportunity to meet the captain of the cruise ship.

Captain Jericho“The staff met up with us and told the kids that we were going for ice cream and a special treat. The kids jumped with joy when they got to the captains deck. The captain told Jericho he could sit in his chair and sound the horn of the ship. He didn’t want to leave!” Jericho’s mom, Joy tells Sunshine.

His dolphin swim was just as exciting. “You could see in his face he was loving every moment of it. He loved hugging and dancing with the dolphin Andy and playing ball in the water with him,” Joy explains. “He’s now more determined and confident with himself since meeting the dolphins. Even with his disability he is able to stand up high and smile. This dream has given him a real boost.”

“Sunshine Dreams encourage kids and help them achieve amazing success in life. They uplift and motivate everyone to keep going and try to reach for something higher. We are so blessed to have been given this opportunity and for what it has done for Jericho and our whole family. Sunshine has truly given us all a dream come true.” – Joy.