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AJ's DreamLift Journal

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

On April 19th, 81 kids from across the Greater Toronto Area were whisked away on a ‘day of yes’ adventure to Disney World in Orlando, Florida on the 61st Sunshine DreamLift.  Despite their physical disabilities or life-threatening illnesses, fun was the only thing on anyone’s mind as the kids left their parents and their worries behind and took to the skies for a new adventure. 

We were lucky to have one of the Sunshine Dreamers record a journal of his Sunshine DreamLift experience. Read AJ’s journal below or see his hand written version here

April 19, 2016 - Disney World

I am in the plane, started writing this at about 7:30, I just remembered I had this. I and Bobby are talking a bit, and took some selfies for mom and dad. I got the window seat J. It is very loud in the plane, you couldn’t even hear the announcer speaking. Good thing Mom packed the earplugs for me. I also have my comfy blanket, (which she also packed, I will thank her when I get home). My parents are probably reading this right now, hello future me! The plane still hasn’t lifted yet, so I was bored and randomly wrote about it. However it will not be boring when I get to Disney!!! I hope this time the haunted mansion will be like how you experienced it mom! I just realized the seats says “Sunshine” on it. I’ll take a picture of it on your phone! We took off at about 7:50, and finished take of at 8:10. My ears were underwater! (popping.)

AJ's Journal DreamLift 2016

While I was in the air, I saw the CN Tower. A couple minutes later I saw a bunch of clouds, it looked like you can walk (I took a picture of it on my phone).


We are landing now and it is about 10:00. I had a great sleep, breakfast, and great time already and I’m not even at Disney yet! :D

It is such a party in the plane! Also, the clouds are very interesting! Every body cheered when we landed! We landed at about 10:20. I’m feeling excited!


AJ Sunshine DreamLift 2016

It is about 9:00 pm while I am writing this. I am back in the plane, I finished Disney World and finished my first day responsible of ALL of my stuff. First off, yes mom, I took a lot of pictures ;)! I went to the haunted mansion = fun! Then I went to the parade = awesome! Then I went to the pirates of the carrabean ride = exciting! Then we ate lunch and I had chicken fingers + fries + ketchup + iced tea (I didn’t like the iced tea, good think I had a packed water bottle!) After lunch, I went to the Monster Inc. Laugh Floor = very funny! X) After that, we only had half an hour left till we go back to the bus, so we bought some souvenirs. There was awesome stuff in the shops! I saw this lifesize Stormtrooper helmet + lifesize Kilo Ren (my size). I got the R2D2 hat with mickey mouse ears. I had a great time!

Awesome helpers: Bobby, Tony

And awesome kids in my group: Brandon, Jayson

Sunshine would like to thank all of the volunteers for making a 22 hour day seem effortless, as well as all the donors who made this Sunshine DreamLift possible. Our next Sunshine DreamLift will be taking off from Brantford in 2017.

You can see more photos from Sunshine DreamLift Toronto 2016 on our Facebook Album.