A Dolphin Tale Too

Sebastian’s Sunshine Dream strengthens his confidence to communicate
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A Dolphin Tale Too

Monday, July 27, 2015

Sebastian celebrated his 7th birthday and Sunshine Dream with great excitement at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Clearwater Florida. He was treated like a superstar with his favourite dolphin characters, Winter and Hope from the movie Dolphin Tale 2.

His dream was so powerful “because he could choose it,he was in control. It made him feel important.” – Kara, Sebastian’s mom


He could relate to the obstacles that Winter, a dolphin with an amputated tail, overcame as Sebastian faces many medical challenges himself including severe quad dystonic/mixed cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and a vision condition.

As Sebastian spent the day exploring the aquarium, the CMA staff wished him a happy birthday and later hosted a party in their office. He even received a surprise stuffed animal of Winter as a gift and souvenir which now accompanies him on his adventures and to bed.

Sebastian’s favourite part of the day was meeting the dolphins. Hope spent a lot of time with him, letting him feel her back with his feet. As his visit was ending, Winter, his favourite dolphin, hadn’t yet swum over to say hello. Sebastian started to feel sad that he couldn’t see her and was near tears. Then Winter, who must have sensed his sadness, swam over to cheer him up. “Just to be able to see him that happy was amazing.” His mom recounts.

The family continued their dolphin adventures the next day by taking a boat trip on the ocean to see the dolphins in the wild. It was his second favourite part of the trip and inspired Sebastian to work with dolphins when he grows up.

“Since his dream, his communication is stronger. He knows we’re listening and he’s more confident to communicate.” – Kara, Sebastian’s mom.

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