Meeting his Hockey Hero

Kameron’s dream to meet Corey Schneider created memories that will last a lifetime
Sunshine Foundation

His Hockey Hero

Monday, September 1, 2014

Ten-year-old Kameron likes hockey and he really  likes goalies.  “I’m a goalie  person,” he says. His favourite goalie  is Corey Schneider of the New Jersey Devils, because he “just likes how he gets results.” When he applied for his dream, he included a letter  about what he wanted most – to meet his favourite goalie  and watch him play live.

Kameron is a straight-A student  from Windsor  who lives with congenital amyoplasia, a condition which means that he doesn’t have the use of his arms or legs. His dad, Greg, describes  his son as “happy- go-lucky  and outgoing.” He also has a great sense of humour  as he talks about his dream.

Sunshine  arranged a week in the Devil’s hometown for Kameron and his family,  starting with attending a practice  at the Prudential Center, the home of the New Jersey Devils. Kameron happily lists the names of several  hockey players  he met before  coming to his favourite. “I met Corey Schneider. We had a good talk and then we talked  with the coach.” The coach gave him a tour of the dressing  room and the gym before  the family  headed  out to have an ice cream lunch.

The talk with Schneider is still clear in his mind. “Corey Schneider is way taller  than I thought he would be. He was more humorous than I thought he would be. He asked me about school and how I was doing.” Kameron makes sure to point out that the Devils ended up winning the game he attended the next night. “After that game, I went to meet him again. Schneider gave me a game-used stick. He signed it and wrote a note to go with it. It said that he’ll always be my friend.”

When Kameron talks about the importance of the dream, his response speaks to his sense of adventure. “I haven’t  been too many places outside  of Canada. So, it’s nice to get out of Canada and experience new stuff.” His dad thinks about it in a different way. “I think the importance for us was that it’s something outside  the box,” says Greg. “It’s not something you’re going to be able to do on your own. Without Sunshine  arranging this, we couldn’t  hope to have this kind of experience.

“It’s a memory  that we’ll always have and treasure.”