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Kendall's Dream Celebrates Family Time

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Every family is unique in their own way, made up of different shapes and sizes. What ties each family together is the unconditional love that can be found within. When Sunshine dreamer, Kendall set out on her dream cruise to Jamaica, little did she know that she would return home with a set of extra family members she never knew about.  

In 2014, Kendall asked Sunshine for a dream: a cruise vacation for just her and her adoptive parents, Susan and J. “Her dream was really important to her,” says Susan, Kendall’s mom. “Kendall’s whole life she’s never had just J and me with her. That was the greatest thing for her about taking this trip together.” Although Kendall’s dream was approved in 2014, surgery and hospital stays postponed her dream being fulfilled until medical clearance and cruise dates lined up in May, 2017.

Kendall lives with spina bifida and hydrocephalus, a condition that causes water on her brain. Her conditions bring mobility challenges and require Kendall to use a wheelchair or leg braces.

With seven adopted siblings at home, Kendall was excited to have some time alone with Susan and J, and the opportunity to visit Jamaica, the birth place of her biological father. Sunshine arranged for a cruise that would give them tour of the highlights in Montego Bay and the chance to see parts of Kendall’s heritage.

Incredibly, the most amazing part of Kendall’s dream was yet to come – after her dream cruise was over. While travelling through Toronto on their way home to British Columbia, a young man from the airport security team approached Susan and asked if her daughter’s name was ‘Jade’. When Susan told him that was Kendall’s birth name, the man called his female co-worker over and they soon determined she and Kendall share the same the biological father.

“It was totally unbelievable,” says Susan. “This beautiful young woman approaches me to ask about Kendall, and then says ‘I think she's my sister’! It was an amazing coincidence that this would happen – especially when a big part of this trip for Kendall was to see Jamaica, the country of her birth father! This was the icing on the cake!”

Her newly found half-sister was able to connect Kendall with her birth parents, three brothers and half-brother. A whole new side to her already big family. 

“Now Kendall can text [her birth father] and call him if she wants. They have a connection now. It was amazing that meeting [her half-sister] like that could ever happen. You almost can’t explain it.”

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