Manchester United Superfan

Issac's dream boosts his confidence, encouraging even bigger adventures
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Manchester United Superfan

Monday, June 1, 2015

Isaac Manchester United19 year-old Isaac from Oliver B.C. is an active, determined, friendly young man who has a passion for soccer. Isaac lives with cerebral palsy. His love of soccer led him to apply for his dream to attend a Manchester United Football Club game at Old Trafford. In September Isaac’s dream came true. Isaac, his twin brother Benjamin, younger sister Anya and parents, Margie and Terry travelled to Manchester, England to see the team play and visit the Manchester United Football Museum. To Isaac’s delight, the team won the match.

Isaac’s cerebral palsy affects his mobility. Terry, Isaac’s father, explains, “Life is not easy. Isaac is a one-armed, one-handed person. He’s a hemiplegic so he only has good use of the left side of his body so life is pretty difficult for him sometimes. That’s when we said, yes, Isaac deserves this.” Isaac explains “Living as a person with cerebral palsy, you learn to kind of adapt I guess. Things others may find extreme, are normal for me because I’ve had to live a life full of challenges. I guess I’m just a bit more accustomed to these shocks.”

Seeing Manchester United Football Club play was a dream come true for Isaac. Terry explains, “We could never in our lives have imagined this trip would actually happen. It was perfect.” For Isaac, having his dream come true was incredible. “I’m not really sure how to explain it,” shares Isaac. “It’s still sinking in. It’s an experience I will carry with me for my entire life and something I can build on.”

“Having a dream boosts confidence,” Isaac comments. “When you face many more challenges than the average person life is a roller coaster of emotions, with ups and certainly a lot of downs. Sunshine tries to give happiness and to let you realize that yes, you deserve this.”

“I can hardly put it into words. Having my dream fulfilled helped me be a lot more confident. It helped me experience travel and believe I can be successful in life despite my disabilities.”

What is next for Isaac? “I am returning to Europe for an exchange in Spain this Fall,” said Isaac. I’m more excited than ever.”