On Pointe with her Dreams

Jordan’s Sunshine Dream at prestigious Ballet Jörgen Summer Camp
Sunshine Foundation

On pointe with her Dreams

Thursday, October 1, 2015

“Dance gives me a way to express myself. It feels amazing and I can’t imagine not dancing.” Jordan tells Sunshine. Last spring, Jordan was presented with her Sunshine Dream to attend a five week camp at Canada’s Ballet Jörgen’s Summer Intensive IV program for pre-professional dancers.

For fifteen year old Jordan, dance is her heart and soul. She works extra hard on her technique and placement and overcomes many challenges as she lives with a congenital eye defect, causing 90% blindness in her left eye. In her ten years of dance practice, this has caused the occasional collision and fall.

Placement in this prestigious program revealed a lot about Jordan’s dance ability - only 25-30 students age sixteen and older across Canada can register. Acceptance into the program required Jordan to submit an audition video. Within two weeks, she earned a spot in the program of her dreams. She then contacted Sunshine to help fulfill the opportunity of a lifetime.

For seven hours a day, Jordan attended classes in Toronto to perfect her ballet skills. Company dancers and even the director taught them classical technique, repertoire, pointe, modern dance, yoga and conditioning, often with one-on-one coaching. The most important skills she learned were how to make tricks safer, prevent injury, and perfect her favourite jump, a grand jeté.

At the end of five weeks at Ballet Jörgen’s camp, Jordan had the distinct honour of being the first in her class to perform one of the Cinderella solos for the final recital.

“You can see it in her poise, the way she carries herself a little more differently. She is far more confident about her dancing. The gift that was given is indescribable.” - Jordan’s mom.

Jordan’s dream experience didn’t end at ballet. She and her fellow dancers stayed in residence for the month of her program which taught her more responsibility and she became more independent, learning to navigate Toronto, grocery shop and do her own laundry. The many achievements and growth she attained led her to an opportunity to teach a few classes at her dance studio and community centre near Halifax. Jordan recently shared the news that she has been offered a spot in the camp again and is currently saving to return to Ballet Jorgen this summer.