Say Yes to Everything

Owen travels on Sunshine DreamLift London, experiencing a day without limitations
Sunshine Foundation

Say Yes to Everything

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Owen DreamLiftA few months before the London DreamLift, Owen was preparing for major surgery related to his spinal muscular atrophy. One of his health care providers called him to let him know about Sunshine’s DreamLift — a one-day trip to a Disney theme park for kids with severe physical disabilities.

“They thought if he had something to look forward to, it would help him to get through his surgery,” says Angela, Owen’s mom. “He was super excited and started getting into planning mode.” Owen was prepared for his trip to Disney long before the flight. “We pulled out the Disney flyers,” says Owen, “and I wrote out three different plans to hit the whole park.”

“Owen is driven, charismatic and very outgoing,” says Angela. “At the same time, he was apprehensive about going without us because he hadn’t really tested himself not to depend on other people.” He was nervous until his first phone call with Kevin, a member of the London Police Service and the DreamLift buddy Sunshine matched with Owen. “I was really excited that he was on the London Tac[tical] team because I’m really into police,” says Owen.

For his parents, one of the best moments came after the DreamLift. “We’ve convinced him to go to camp. This experience gave him the confidence to go. The world’s got a lot to offer if you’re willing to take a risk. With risk comes reward.”

Owen loved the DreamLift for a similar reason. “The night before, Sunshine said ‘there’s no rules. You have to say yes to everything.’ I think everyone should have the chance to do that.”