Sunshine Foundation

A Splashing Great Dream

Monday, July 26, 2021

Alejandro enjoys everything about the water: splashing, playing, and soaking up the sun. He is a beach lover and has always thought it would be ideal to travel to one but having recreation at his fingertips is his ultimate dream. 

It was through Alejandro’s social worker that he first found out about The Sunshine Foundation of Canada. “My parents were looking to find ways to make my life better and happier, so our social worker told us about Sunshine,” says Alejandro. 

Alejandro lives with severe cerebral palsy and several brain conditions that most impact his movement and communication. For Alejandro, playing in the water helps to relieve his anxiety and ease his stress. Splashing has always been a big part of his life; so much so that he had been dreaming of his very own splash pad for three years before supporters like you helped it become a reality. Alejandro’s unique Sunshine Dream featured an outdoor play area and splash pad that were installed into his backyard for his everyday fitness and fun. After receiving his Sunshine Dream back in 2013, he hasn’t stopped making waves ever since. 

“It has helped ease anxiety and behavior since it is not easy for me to go out in the community to enjoy water or recreational parks due to my disability and mobility limitations,” says Alejandro. 

Alejandro’s splash pad has been significant for both his health and happiness, as he is now able to play in the water anytime he wants. In the nine years since his Sunshine Dream came true, Alejandro has gained the confidence to travel to new beaches. He adores playing in the water and enjoying the summer sun. 

When asked about Sunshine and what the organization means to their family, Alejandro’s mother Norela answered, “it is one of the greatest things that happen to us, it is amazing that organizations like this help kids, and I would tell others to support because Sunshine makes a difference and changes lives.”