Spread a Little Sunshine at WINNERS and HomeSense

Sunshine Foundation

Spread a Little Sunshine at WINNERS and HomeSense Raises $950,000

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

During the month of August, WINNERS and HomeSense customers across Canada took part in a national celebration to make dreams come true by making in-store donations to the Spread a Little Sunshine campaign. 

“We are pleased to share that, thanks to the generosity of our customers and associates, we have raised more than $950,000 to support The Sunshine Foundation of Canada through the 2016 Spread a Little Sunshine campaign,” said Erin O’Brien, spokesperson for WINNERS & HomeSense.  “We are continually inspired by both our generous customers and our partnership with such a meaningful organization, whose efforts help to make dreams come true for children each and every day.” 

WINNERS and HomeSense has been a national dream partner for The Sunshine Foundation of Canada since 1999, raising over $9.5 million to support Sunshine Dream Programs. It is because of the generosity of caring supporters like WINNERS and HomeSense that Sunshine has fulfilled over 8,000 dreams since 1987 and coordinated over 60 group trips to Disney on their Sunshine DreamLifts.

“We are deeply moved by the tremendous effort of our national dream partner WINNERS and HomeSense and by the generosity of their customers for helping make dreams come true,” says Sunshine CEO, Nancy Sutherland.  “The funds raised during Spread a Little Sunshine will make a real impact on children’s lives, providing them with life-changing experiences that inspire confidence, optimism, and independence.”

“These funds will go a long way,” says Sutherland. “Every Sunshine child that visited WINNERS and HomeSense in August, or who saw or heard media related to the campaign, knows that they have many people who believe in them and want their dreams to come true. It’s exciting for them and it is my privilege to thank everyone on their behalf.”

A big thank you to our National Dream Partner TJX Canada, the WINNERS and HomeSense executive and store leadership teams, and store associates for thier enthusiasm and passion to make a difference in the lives of Canadian children and their families. And, to every customer who made a donation - thank you for dreaming big with us. 

For more information about the Spread a Little Sunshine program, visit www.sunshine.ca/spreadalittlesunshine

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