Team Sunshine Dreams Big at HTML500

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Team Sunshine Dreams Big at HTML500

Friday, February 17, 2017

It was the perfect way to celebrate Family Day weekend. This past Saturday, Sunshine volunteers and staff had the privilege of spending the day with Sunshine Dreamers Abigail, Alex, and Isaac at HTML500 – a free HTML coding workshop put on by Lighthouse Labs. The event was a great way to bring together members of our Sunshine family with the main themes for the day being inclusion and overcoming challenges to make the digital world open to everyone.

Issac, Daneil, and Alex

Over 100 mentors from companies across Toronto volunteered their time and talent to help 500 enthusiastic participants create their very own webpages using HTML and CSS programming languages. Team Sunshine was joined by Maddie and Daniel, two caring and highly knowledgeable developers who kindly walked us through all the steps to building our own pages, supporting us and making our first dive into coding a fun experience.

Some members of Team Sunshine were more familiar with building websites than others. As the youngest at the table, 12-year-old Isaac blew the team away with his HTML and CSS skills, creating a beautiful page that passers-by couldn’t help but stop and admire – way to go Isaac!!

Using the computer he received as his Sunshine Dream come true, 18-year-old Alex brought his artistic skills to the table, developing his own webpage for a new and creative way to bring people and dogs together (don’t worry Alex, your secret is safe with us until launch time).

The event took place at the MaRS Discovery District in downtown Toronto, a place that holds fond memories for 16-year-old Abigail. MaRS is where her Sunshine Dream came true to meet her hero – the famous astronaut, Chris Hadfield. Her visit to MaRS this time was a different experience for Abigail, with hundreds of people engaged in collaboration and creativity, fun and interesting things were happening all around her and it made for a stimulating day shared with new friends.

VIDEO: Abigail and Chris Hadfield

We started the day with blank pages and by the end of the day had all experienced something new. Thank you to Lighthouse Labs for choosing Sunshine as an impact organization and giving our Sunshine Dreamers this amazing opportunity to grow; thank you Maddie and Daniel for your kind hearts and helping hands, and most of all, thank you Abigail, Alex, and Issac for being brave and being bold and for spending your Saturday taking risks and learning together with your Sunshine family. 

Lauren and Abigail