Sunshine Helps Lily Become an Animator

13-year-old Lily had her dream come true to create video game art recently, thanks to Sunshine!

Lily lives with a severe physical disability but does not let it stop her from doing what she loves, creating art and new characters. She dreams of designing video game characters and has been greatly inspired by Pokemon and Hollow Knight. Her sunshine dream included a Wacom tablet, a new laptop and the Adobe Creative Cloud software to help her achieve this dream.

Lily is happiest when sitting in her room and drawing. Like many artists, she gets so focused on her work that she needs a reminder to take breaks and eat. She is constantly drawing animals, people, and fantastic creatures from her imagination. Her favourite invention is a creature with a cat face and different animal body parts. With her new design equipment, Lily is now slowly starting to teach herself to animate, which she didn’t do before.

The Sunshine Dream program provides customized future-boosting dreams to kids and youth living with severe disabilities to change their lives. For Lily, her dream fuels her talent and passion for arts and gives her the tools to inspire a future career in animation. Since receiving her dream, Lily’s confidence has increased significantly with a renewed sense of ambition. The new technology has ignited new ideas and possibilities.